A smart perfuming device that works with a modern system to spread odors in villas, councils, offices and hotels.

Machine information:
- Operating System: WiFi for long distances
Coverage: 3000 m3
Package Capacity: 750 ml
Consumption: 5 ml / hour
- Colors: White
- Net weight: 3kg
Dimensions: H300 * W110 * L215 mm

It is distinguished by the feature of identifying the concentration of the fragrance to give the best result
- An internal fan for a wider coverage that can be controlled via the phone
The fragrance chamber can be locked with the key
- Powered by electricity: 220 volts
- You can choose the appropriate settings for the times and days to operate the device in advance during days of the week.
It can be controlled anywhere in the world via the smart application.

Ouwave OS-5 WiFi Aroma Diffuser Machine